Improve leg exercises with the Leg-PAC, a unique, vinyl covered multi-purpose leg positioning and conditioning device. Research out of Ranchos Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center identifies hip extensor muscle strength as "a primary predictor of walking ability, physical performance, and balance."

While prone positioning is often difficult for elderly or morbidly obese patients, the Leg-PAC provides optimal supine positioning for hip extensor strengthening. Two Leg-PAC units fit comfortably side by side on most hospital beds. Use the Leg-PAC to provide strengthening exercise for many common medical conditions involving knee pain or weakness, such as osteoarthritis, or post-operative knee or hip replacement.

Hip extensor strengthening is an important component of stroke rehabilitation or Parkinson’s disease. The Leg-PAC can be used in the intensive care unit for strengthening prior to out of bed mobility for patients with orthopedic or neurological involvement and for lower extremity edema, or pressure relief at the heel and sacrum.




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Use For Total Joint Replacement Rehabilitation